We manufacture components and assemblies in a wide range of materials including various carbon grades of plate (A36, A572, Grade 50, 1015 and C1045 among others) , manganese steel, stainless steel, aluminum and high alloy steel (including AR400). We also process components from tube stock, angle, channel, pipe and bar as well as casting and forgings.


Our in-house material handling, cutting, forming, welding, and machining services, together with our extensive network of local service providers allows us to offer our customers turn-key solutions for their component needs. We often work with customers from the design stage to help eliminate cost in the final product.

Capabilities: Cutting
CNC Plate Cutting To 14" Thick

L-Tech CM350 with Burny Phantom CNC Control
(2) Oxy-Acetylene Heads
(1) Plasma Head
Maximum Plate Size: 130" x 290"
Maximum Plate Thickness: 14"

C & G Systems with Burny Phantom CNC Control
(1) Oxy-Acetylene Head
(1) Plasma Head
Maximum Plate Size: 96" x 180"
Maximum Plate Thickness: 12"
CNC Plasma Punch & Marking

Whitney 3400 RTC Fabricating Center
Plasma Cutting to 1/2" Thick
Punching to 1/2" Thick and 5" Diameter

We utilize Plasma Marking for ease of component location for Final Weld Assembly. This reduces the need for Fixtures and Layout Time.
Capabilities: Welding
Fabricated Metal Products is certified to perform high quality welding to the highest of standards such as AWS D1.1, AWS D1.3, AWS D1.5, CWB CSA Standard W47.1, Caterpillar 7 Steps to Weld Excellence, and more.

MIG and TIG Welding
Robotic Welding
Hardface, Manganese and Warm Welding
Capabilities: Handling
Heavy Fabrication 2 X 50 Ton Cranes

Our 34,000 square foot High Bay with:
(2) 50 Ton Cranes
(1) 15 Ton Crane
(1) 5 Ton Sling
Allows us to Manufacture Fabrications up to 25 feet tall weighing
up to 100 Tons and weld assembly of parts up to 40 ft.
Capabilities: Form/Forge/Roll
Plate Rolling

Using or Plate Rolls (Bertsch and Wysong & Miles) we can Roll Steel Cylinders from Plates with a
Maximum Width: 144"
Maximum Thickness: 5/8"
Diameters from 8" to 144"
Hot Forging

Clearing 300 Ton Press
Maximum Ram Pressure 3000 Tons
50" Ram / 37.75" Stroke
Ram Size 56" x 56"
Induction Heating to 2000 degrees

Cincinnati Press Brake
600 ton maxiumum
Bed width 192" maximum
Capabilities: Machining
CNC Milling

(4) Viper VMC Machining Centers
35 Horsepower
84" X by 42" Y by 29" Z Travels
Fanuc 21I CNC Controllers
Crane Service

TOS – WH105
35 Horsepower
66"X x 60"Y x 54"Z Travels
Table Surface 49" x 55"
Headstock Vertical 49"; Slide Longitude 49"

Faro Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine
Measuring Range
Precision to 0.0005" (0.013mm)
7 Axis Availability
Multi-probe Capability (Ball Diameters, Touch Sensitive, Curved and Extension Probes)
Adaptable 3D Measurement Technology
Other Services Available
Utilizing our network of local suppliers, we can provide "turn-key" components including machining, heat treatment, cleaning, painting and assembly.

Tooling and Fixture Machining Services
We offer complete machining services from in house design and manufacturing of fixtures to CNC machining of component parts and finished assemblies, including dimensional inspections of machined components.

Heat Treating
Long-standing partnerships with strategic vendors allow FMP to offer a full range of heat treating services including stress relieving, quench and tempering, normalizing, annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding, triniding, and die quenching to name a few.

FMP offers blasting of smaller parts and sub-components using internal tumble blast equipment. For large parts and weldments, FMP utilizes established vendor resources to blast parts. If projects call for different media blasting, FMP will also use it’s vendor relationships to provide various services such as sand, glass or other forms of media, to deliver upon any customer requirement.

Utilizing both our in house capabilities and our Outside Processing vendors we provide comprehensive solutions to all our customer’s painting requirements and specifications.

After Fabricating all of the Components, we Weld Complex Assemblies to manufacture Finished Parts to our Customer's specifications.